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by Maui, HI
Never give up, be brave.

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Inspirational Marin Web Designer

Don’t give up until you succeed!

Throughout my life I have always been inspired by other people to do better and learn more. It wasn’t until I started my own business that I realized how much this would come into play. Starting anything can be difficult. Whatever you do, someone is doing it better. Finding a goal and sticking to it no matter what others say is a common trait between entrepreneurs. Learning to grow though failure was my first major accomplishments in business. Most of society says… to be successful you need to get good grades and get a good job, and if you don’t you are going to fail. We are all going to fail at something, some more than others. But, failure can also be good depending on how you look at it. Seeing the good in the failures is what makes a good entrepreneur. There is so much hidden under the surface when thinking of a success business and failure is just one part that most people never see. I hope the resources on this page inspire others in the same way I was inspired and remember to do what you can’t.

Favorite Youtubers 

Do What You Cant by Casey Neistat
Draw My Life by Ryan Higa

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