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by Windsor, CA
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Marin & Sonoma Website Design

A Sitemap is a way for Google to track updates and have a single page displayed in a way that the entire site can be easily crawled and indexed by the major search engines. I have displayed this sitemap so that it is easy to read and more visually understanding. Every website I build, I integrate and configure a sitemap that is automatically generated and sends updates to Google on a regular basis. This ensures that your site has the best chances of getting placed on all major search engines. Here is a live example of a sitemap for this website: Sitemap Example. This example is for educational purposes. It is a much easier way to understand what a sitemap is and how it works. This may also be refereed to as a “Site Structure”. A site structure will be used to build the architecture of your website. I am local to Marin County and offer web design services to all the surrounding businesses.