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Terms and Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect:

Last Updated: March 22, 2024

1.) You can expect the success of your website to be directly affected by the amount of time and energy that you put into gathering and creating the content that will go on your site. Websites are big investments for many companies, so take the time and put in your best effort.

2.) All projects require a 50% deposit before work is started and this can sometimes delay your desired start and completion date if the deposit is after the start date stated in this proposal. If a change order is requested, depending on the size of the change order, a 50% deposit might be required before the change order is addressed.

3.) Having the ability to adapt and adjust is necessary when dealing with a website or internet marketing campaign. There is a multitude of variables that will effect the time, cost, and final product when creating a site. These circumstances usually are due to additional client ordered changes and upgrades due to the education process that occurs during any website build or internet marketing campaign.

4.) There may be a great deal of education during this process on my end and your end. I will need to be educated on your business and I will need to educate you about the best practices to build a website and market your services the best way possible. This can be time consuming and the results are directly affected by how much information you provide to me regarding your business and overall goals.

5.) If there are additional client ordered changes and upgrades to the original scope of the project, all changes will be set aside and completed once the first phases of your project have been completed and a separate proposal/invoice will be created to address these changes/upgrades.

6.) The more confident you are in what you want, the more accurate I can be with your estimate. If you don’t know exactly what you want, your budget may need to be flexible. Extensive researching and planing can help in this area.

7.) When dealing with small budgets, it is essential that you stay focused on your goals. Design and development revisions can be distracting and it is common that the cost of your project will need to fluctuate if you are more focused on custom design. Your budget will limit your creativity. I vow to help in anyway possible to keep your project on budget with the best possible final product. Remember to focus on your goals, and later if the budget allows, you can get more creative with the design.

8.) Your prompt attention is required throughout this process. Rapid response to correspondence will keep your project on track for completion. All correspondence needs to be replied to, reviewed, and returned in a timely fashion. Communication is essential to have a successful website or marketing campaign that meets the agreed upon deadlines.

9.) When dealing with larger companies or a board of directors, one main spokesperson may need to be elected to make all final decisions and it is your responsibility to make sure they are knowledgeable about these terms and conditions.

10.) It is very common to feel like nothing is getting done in the beginning stages of your project. I assure you that things are progressing. A great deal of time goes into the planning and architecture of your site. Setting up proper a hosting environments and installing the proper framework can be very time consuming which can only be recognized when looking at the source code directly.

11.) If at any time you are dissatisfied with my work or the services offered, please communicate this directly to me. My goal is for you to be satisfied at all cost. Once the project has started, it is your responsibility to communicate any problems or concerns that you may encounter. I encourage feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Also I will not be offended if you do not like what I create for you, everyone is different and I want the end result to be something that you, not only love, but contributed to to make your own.

12.) Since marketing services have so many factors that go beyond actual marketing techniques, I do not guarantee any marketing services that I offer. If would like me to install Google Analytics I am happy to do so post launch, please just reach out and mention this. This project would not include any advanced tracking such as Google Tag Manager.

13.) is not responsible for domain, hosting or third-party renewals / payments. All software needed to run your site properly will be charged to your business directly unless otherwise discussed. I do offer a website warranty and hosting if you feel you would feel better with me handling everything. If your site is built on Shopify you will be required to pay Shopify for their monthly service and any Apps used that have a monthly payment associated.

14.) I reserve the right to display the completed work on my website in my portfolio and case studies.

15.) All information supplied to me is kept in the strictest confidentiality and will not be shared or duplicated.

16.) If your site needs to be ADA Compliant I recommend reaching out to an ADA Specialist. They will provide you with a list of features that I can help implement on your site. Overtime as the site gets updated you may want them to monitor your site to ensure it remains ADA Compliant, especially if staff or third parties are updating your site. I also recommend paying for UserWay ( which gives you an extra level of insurance if you have any issues. I can help install UserWay on your site once you pick a plan. Typically this is not included unless requested.

17.) If you require to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please let me know. Typically this is not included unless requested.

18.) Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy: If this is required on your site please let me know. Typically this is not included unless requested. I am not a lawyer so I recommend consulting or generating these from a reputable company. I can give suggestions on how this can be completed. If you collect emails or send out SMS messages it is your responsibility to collect and send messages in an ethical and legal manner.

19.) If you project requires selling products or goods, it is your responsibility to review the tax settings with an accounting professional. While I can help setup default tax rates I am not a tax professional.

20.) This proposal / invoice is valid for 90 days.

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